Monday, April 25, 2011


I have the best Easter Bunny! He not only brought me a basket of goodies Sunday morning but Saturday night he dropped these off! He is amazing!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Today was the first day of Spring Break. This morning I realized that this is the first and only week I will not be completely exhausted between now and when little man gets here. I won't be off work again until the beginning of June which is only a couple weeks from my due date and I will probably just want to sleep at that point :)
Having said that, today turned out to be a busy day!

6:30 am-- charlie horse in my calf which required me to SPRING out of bed and walk around the room until it relaxed
6:35 am-- attempted laying back down and falling asleep = failure so I decided to get up and go watch tv in the living room
7:15 am-- Got ready for grubby day
8:00 am-- McKae picked me up so we could go garage selling and find her a dresser for her little man. Result= crappy day to go garage selling! Only purchase was a crib bumper she is going to recover that she scored for $3
9:45 am-- Home from failed Garage Selling trip; hubbie at school; start washing lil' man's laundry and putting it away so I don't have to in 8 weeks; decided to go clean out the garage between loads
11:00 am-- hubbie returned home and I made him paint a few items for me and move a few pieces of furniture +laundry
12:00-- attempt an oil change (way too long line, next week), pick up pictures from costco, lunch with Dad Barth, took cans/bottles to recycle center
2:30-- home from lil' adventure with hubbie, put pictures in frames, and back to painting projects +laundry
4:30-- decided we needed one more can of a paint, off to OSH
5:00-- fancy dinner of Mac N' Cheese before hubbie leaves for work
6:15-- hubbie leaves for work and I get back to work +laundry
9:00-- blog update to make everyone happy and realize I am exhausted and have finished all my projects that were supposed to last all next week!

Oh well, at least I finished them!

We have had a huge blank wall in the living room that we could decide what to put up. The other day I saw some frames that were relatively cute at Wally World for only $3 a piece so I bought them and made a collage on the wall. Now I just need a cute little table and lamp to go under them (I'm waiting for Barth family pictures in July before I finish the right half of the collage and for lil' man to get here before I finish the pictures in the middle)

These frames were on the tables at our wedding reception. We repainted all the black ones brown and kept the white ones. I put a few dots on them to match his bedroom. The green background is extra fabric from his crib skirt I made the other day. The vinyl is on order so I can cut out the letters in his name (you can't know that yet so don't ask)and put each letter on a frame.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Survey Says

I stole this survey from my good friend but I thought it had a good amount of info that friends have asked for. Here is a little snipit of how my pregnancy has been going. Enjoy...

How many weeks: 30 1/2
Was this planned or unplanned: planned
Latest food craving: Anything sweet...and always a diet coke!
Your top two name choices or baby's name: You'll find out when he gets here
Worst Thing about being pregnant: Being a stomach sleeper your whole life and now having to sleep on my side! Lack of sleep is starting to hit!
Best Thing about being pregnant: knowing that in only 9 more weeks I get to hold our precious little man
Are you more scared or excited: excited definitely
Happy or mostly moody: To the outside world, happy... to my poor patient husband- MOODY!
Last time you cried over something ridiculous was: Todd might get mad that I'm outing his weakness but leaving my house clean and happy and coming home to a messy house! Drives me CRAZY! Especially since it is a lot of effort to get it clean now a days!
Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?: Too many to choose from. I can't even think of a particular dream.
Will you breast feed: that's the plan
When is your baby most active: At night (when I'm on my side, ugh) while I am trying to sleep, thus another reason for lack of sleep!

I'm sure a few of these answers will change as the last 9 weeks happen but for now, I'm feeling pretty good overall. I am just anticipating the arrival of this sweet little boy. Todd and I can't wait to be parents!!

Pictures... finally!

Still keeping it pretty low key here in the Barth household. Both of us are staying super busy but I have been getting A LOT of requests for pictures so even though it's against my better judgment I figured I'd please everyone.

Here is a pic at 23 weeks

Here is my 30 1/2 week pic

I was amazed when I compared these two pics because I don't feel like I've gotten too much bigger but when I look at the picture I realize that 7 weeks can make a huge difference!

Here is also a few pictures of lil' man's furniture. I finished making his crib skirt tonight (don't worry, I didn't feel overzealous and make all his bedding, just the skirt.

I did have a picture of his curtains but after I finished them, Todd said he wanted them a little different so I had to pull them down again and am now trying to get the motivation to pull out the sewing machine again. Good thing I have 9 weeks left!