Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little bump

Well I figure it's about time I put something more formal on here about the bump that I am currently sporting. (Note... this is a long post, Sorry!)

We found out right away that I was prego because right off the back I got really sick. After going to our first ultrasound (10weeks) we discovered out why... there wasn't just one little guy in there, there were 2! Here are 2 pictures. Baby 1 on the left and baby 2 on the right.

I went in the very next week (11wks) so we could date the twins more accurately with a higher tech ultrasound. At that appointment the tech could only find one... So now we were a little confused. From that date I had to wait 4 weeks (15wks) to go back to the dr. and find out what the final consensus was. That wait was torture! When it finally came in we had another ultrasound to find out that yep, there was indeed only one now. At this point I started feeling much better, still sick regularly just not as bad. They said that what had happened was vanishing twin syndrome. Basically one baby doesn't get enough of the essentials it needs to survive then dies off and the other baby uses the nutrients remaining to continue growing strong. At this ultrasound the dr. also expressed to us that she was pretty sure what we were having and shared that with us. Because it was still so early we choose to wait and find out for sure at my next ultrasound before we shared with everyone.

Yesterday (19 weeks)we went back to the dr. for our 4th ultrasound of this pregnancy (not common but we think its cool to have so many pictures). The tech we had was really funny and very knowledgeable. She shared all sorts of information with us about our little man. Yep that's right, LITTLE MAN! We are so excited to have our little guy here in June. He will be such a huge part of our family and we can't wait! Here are some pics of yesterday's ultrasound.

He is kicking the tech who is poking at him too much!

You have to look closely but this is a zoomed in pic of his face. You can see his eyes,nose, and upper lip. His hand is also close by his face as it has been in all 4 ultrasounds.

Cabin Fever

A few weeks ago Todd was asked to joing the Young Men on their Snow Camping trip. it just so happened to be in Pinecrest where the Barth Family Cabin is so we decided to take advantage! We went up Friday after work and Todd joined the boys for the night while I along with a girlfriend attempted to warm up the place.

Saturday our good friends Nate and McKae joined us for the day/night. It was a fun adventure for the 4 of us because McKae and I are only about 3 weeks apart from each other due with little ones. We played lots of games, watched a lot of ESPN, and ate way too much food!

On Sunday the boys thought they were 10 again, put on all their snow gear and headed for the sledding hill. It was funny how much faster they got going at their "old" age compared to the little kids next to us. McKae and I even got in on the action for a very short sled ride with our hubbies at the bottom of our run (maybe 10 feet long) to catch us so we wouldn't land on our tummies.

We had a blast at the cabin. We are looking forward to having our little one with us then next time we head up there!