Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Crazy Summer!!!

This summer started off a little crazy in the Barth Family. In the beginning of the year I was asked to be the 4th year counselor at Turlock Stake Girls Camp. Along with being in charge of 30 girls, I was also in charge of the "overnight hike" the 4th years go on. Luck for meTodd was asked to go as preisthood for the hike. The girls did great all week with not too much drama! Aside from being up sick all night (FYI- NOT prego sick) the day before we left on our 13 mile hike everything went perfectly. The only problem now is that Todd told me we are no longer aloud to have girls... I think girls camp was a little of a shock for him!

4 days later was Todd's birthday and the day my mom and I headed to Australia to visit my oldest brother and his family. We had Todd's b-day dinner on the way to the airport as well as presents in the car.

My mom and I were in AU for 2 fun weeks. I'm just glad that my awesome husband let me go for that long. I guess the perk for him was dinner out with my dad and a few rounds of golf!

Vanessa and I petting a Koala

My mom and I at the beach...

These are 2 of the many beautiful birds that are all over

The swimming pool from the Sydney Olympics

In front of the Sydney Opera House
Hanging out with the Kangaroos

We had a quick trip up to the cabin for the 4th along with Todd's parents and 2 of his sisters.

Finally on July 10th our good friends McKae and Nate King were married in the Oakland Temple. They are such a cute couple! We had a blast up at the temple with them and then that night at the reception.

Jamie, McKae, Me--- The Turlock Girls--