Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look What I Can Do!

Happy 7 Months to my little man Yesterday! In celebration he showed me his new skill!

Looks like I'll be lowering his crib again this week!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This kid loves the camera! I just wanted to share a few random pictures from the past few weeks.

Destroying a teething biscuit...

Hanging out with Aunt Brooke one day while I worked.

Watching mom do her hair in the morning.

Happy boy on his drive to visit Pops in Napa. He is so good in the car!

You should all be proud that there are a few more posts below. Enjoy! You never know when I will blog again!

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Get Moving!

Since Christmas C has been
showing a lot of interest in this whole moving thing! He started off by crawling backwards. It was pretty funny to watch him move away from what he wanted. He also got into some awkward spots...

That lasted for a few weeks and then in the last 6 days he has not only started going forward but also discovered that he can pull himself up on objects.

My left just went from low key to lets get baby proofing! Oh No!!!

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Happy New Year

We had a blast with our friends the Belos on New Years. We just love spending time with them. It was very low key which was perfect. We celebrated using east coast time so all the kids could go to bed and we could play.
C and his crush Kenzie had to get in one the midnight smooch! They both LOVED it!

I mean, just look at that face... One happy boy!!! Thanks Belos for such a fun night!

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Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was very low key on both sides of our family which was perfect in my opinion. C enjoyed all his gifts but to be completely honest he enjoyed the wrapping paper and tissue best.
Here we are at Todds parents on Christmas eve.

Christmas eve was also C's 6mo mark so we kept tradition and got his pictures taken. Here is one of my favorites.

We are so glad both of our families are so close and we get to spend holidays with them!

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