Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was started off with a wonderful morning of sleeping in. I don't think I've slept in for at least 2 months! It was great. Poor Todd wasn't able to sleep in though and was up by 7am. Then we relaxed and cleaned up the house a bit. Later that afternoon we met up with Whitney's dad and grandpa and played a nice round of golf. The weather was perfect... our games, not so much! We ended the night off with a great dinner at MiMi's Cafe and a trip to the grocery store. Overall we had a great Memorial day!

Our Place

So, this post is mainly for the siblings who live out of state and the country. We thought we would give you a little tour of our place.

Our Little bathroom
The Piano

Kitchen/Dining room... notice the lovely CARPET under the table. We eat extra cautiously!

The bookshelf next to the loveseat (Todd didn't get any pictures of the whole wall with the loveseat on it)

The awesome hand-me-down couch that has been passed down from uncle to brother to us!

The office bookshelves. Sorry about the chair in the way.

The bedroom


During spring break I had planned to go to Virginia to visit my brother and his family but while when I bought the tickets my brother surprised us and bought Todd one too! We had a blast while we were there. It ws sad to have to come home back to reality. Sienna, Porter, and Whitney- Pay no attention to the fact that Whitney just woke up!

I absolutely love this picture of the DC temple. I couldn't resist with how beautiful the tulips were.

Out in front of the Washington Monument

Handsome little Porter

Sienna and her new bike
We had so much fun visiting the sites and just spending time with everybody. We can't wait until we can go back.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Weekend at the Cabin

A group of us went up to Barths cabin in Pinecrest. Todd, Tara, and I went up on Friday night right after work. Heather joined us the next morning bright and early. Tom, Natalie, and Jacen joined us later Saturday night.

We spent the day playing games and EATING food.
Notice how the girls are the ones in the kitchen... thanks for the help boys.

I was really sick that weekend so most of the time I was in bed or by the fire keeping warm.

Tara and Heather

Tara was definately excited for the weekend away from life.