Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Day in the Life...

I am all finished up with my long term and love being back home a few days of the week playing stay at home mom. I am still working a few days a week but Grandma and Aunt Brooke are awesome and volunteer to watch CH for me when ever they can! They are the best!!! The days that we are home are rather productive. Here is a typical day for us. We wake up and eat a delicious breakfast typically consisting of oatmeal and some sort of fruit mixed in. Then we start our routine. First... Stand at moms legs and make "mmmmmmm" sounds and mooch half of mom's breakfast off of her.
Second... Explore what toys are on the carpet and see what we can get into. Today it was a box. Out of the box, in the box, out, in, and repeat 10 or more so times.
Third... Get tired of toys and go check if mom has closed the gates or not so I can play in my drawer. (we have 2 gates blocking off the kitchen so we wouldn't have to put locks on all the cabinets)
Then check the other drawers.
Fourth... Mom realizes that CH is destroying the kitchen so she locks me out.
Fifth... Mom bores CH so he heads to the door to check if daddy is home yet?
And Finally... Dad is not home yet so we eat some more and then start all over again.
For the record, this all takes about 1.5 hours so we do this approximately 4 times before Daddy actually gets home. If we are lucky, we get a little cat nap in there somewhere! Mommy gets absolutely NOTHING done!

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Cami said...

I love this post, so true! What a cutie pie.