Friday, February 18, 2011


Todd gave me permission yesterday to go to Babies-r-Us without him! He is such a brave husband! He even gave me permission to get our travel system we wanted since I had a great coupon and the brand we wanted never goes on sale. We figured that since it is a rather pricey item, we probably wouldn't be getting it for our shower so might as well get it with a good deal! Because I am such a dork and super excited for any baby purchase I figured I would show you all how stinking cute my set is! Enjoy :)

It's more greenish yellow than the true yellow it looks like in the picture. We can't wait to have our little man in it!

Oh yeah, we get our crib tonight! Any bets on how long it will be before I force Todd to put all the furniture together? (I'll give you a hint, not long:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Ride

We inherited a car this Christmas from my Uncle. It's nothing fancy but it runs great and will work perfect for a putting around town kind of car. Because we have that it made us have 3 cars. When there are only 2 drivers in the house 3 seemed a little overkill so we opted to sell our 2 cars we already had and buy something a little bigger and newer.

It only took a few weeks to sell both our cars which left us stranded with only 1 car sooner than we thought. We looked in town and online and finally settled with a car online. I was terrified to buy a car that we had not seen or driven but after talking with the owners and seeing pictures we decided to go for it. Once our friends picked it up for us they said that it was in perfect condition not a blemish on it.

We picked a 2008 Saturn Vue. The picture below is not of our actual car, we are going to go get it next week (it's safely with some friends now). It is black with tan leather inside. I can't wait to get our new ride!