Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blankety-Blank Weekend

This weekend we went to one of my only 3 cousins weddings. It was such a nice weekend. They are going to UC Santa Cruz currently and my cousin has a deep love of the ocean so it was perfect place to have a wedding. Her hubbie is from the UK which made the evening full of fun, laughter, and an awesome accent. It was also nice to catch up with relatives I haven't seen in a while. Here are a few pics of the weekend.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I found the perfect fabric for $3 in a fun home fabrics store. Here is the final product!

I used ribbon for the ties

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Final project of the summer

NOTICE: This is in NO way an announcement of any kind...just know that before you read ahead.

A few weeks ago my friend gave us her rocker-glider that she didn't want anymore. It will be perfect when we have kiddo's. It was a little outdated so I decided that before I put it in the garage and forget all about it I should make it worth the extra space it is going to take up.

Here is an example of what it looked like before (I didn't take a picture so I found one similar online)

I sanded it down completely, primed it, and painted it a creamy white color, then finished with a coat of polyurathane.

My next step in the project is to get some fun fabric to cover the awesome green color the pads are. I am thinking something like...





or maybe

I guess I will have to pick something eventually but all I was really worried about was getting the tough part done. The fabric is going to have to wait!

The End is Near

I can't believe that summer is already almost over. Our summer started off pretty slow yet crazy but picked up in the middle of July with a lot of fun.

We were able to head up to our families cabin a few times. The first time we were able to go all of Todd's siblings were there which was really fun. It was especially nice to be able to see Todd's brother and his family who came from Utah.

Right before a great dinner

All the kids playing an eventful round of duck-duck-goose

We were able to go back again this last week by ourselves which was fun. We had a few friends come up as well for a few days to keep us company which was a blast. Sadly though, I am not the best with my camera so I never took any pictures, oh well. Lots of hiking, swimming, and reading made it a wonderful week!

In the middle of our two cabin trips I was able to head off to San Fran with my Stake YW Presidency and enjoy a girls day. We had a blast eating and shopping!

All of us on Bart after one very long day!

Summer also included gaining a new niece Adele Ann Blank who was born the end of July. We can't wait to meet her when their family moves back in November (they live in Australia)!

I love this picture because you can totally tell which brother is super excited and which is ready for some much needed sleep!